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Celebrity marriages seem to many to be the ideal, much like the old saying about the grass always seeming greener in the other fellow's yard. But having fame, fortune and life's luxuries does not always help save a relationship. Like many Washington couples, celebrities sometimes decide that divorce is the best answer.

After a seven-year marriage that was famous for public displays of affection, Heidi Klum and Seal have announced that they are getting a divorce. Klum, a model and actress who stars on television's "Project Runway," reportedly filed formal papers in a court on April 6. This comes after a separation was reported in January.

Citing that the couple had grown apart, the couple issued a statement when they separated asking that their privacy be respected for the sake of their four children. They report that the children's well-being is among the top priorities for both parents. Like many divorcing spouses, they will address a fair division of any marital assets as well as custody of the children. Often resolved through negotiations, issues such as these can be decided by the court if spouses fail to agree.

In Washington, when a couple works through the divorce process, they may benefit from a complete review of all financial assets. Other financial considerations involve retirement plans, investments and real property. Divorce typically involves many issues, no matter whether the couple has achieved celebrity status or not. In the end, it may not be whether the grass is greener someplace else, but whether the couple can address their issues in a collaborative effort so as to reach a fair settlement and transition to the new life they envision for themselves.