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At O'Brian & Associates, our child support lawyers in Washington are dedicated to zealously representing you in all child support proceedings. We believe that paying or gaining the correct amount and regular payments of child support are beneficial to your child's upbringing.

If you are going through a divorce or have a child and want to receive child support payments, we encourage you to contact a child support attorney in Washington today. We serve clients on the Eastside and throughout Greater Seattle.

How Does The Support Calculation Work?

In Washington State, child support must be calculated before a decree (example: dissolution, legal separation, paternity) may be entered. But entering the right amount of support is not the only important factor. It is critically important to your future welfare, and the financial welfare of your children, that thoughtful consideration is given to each part of the child support order that will be entered with the court.

There are many traps for the unwary and inexperienced. We have represented thousands of clients in establishing child support obligations. Our firm handles cases involving underemployed individuals, unemployed individuals, income situations that are difficult to prove, self-employment income, high income, etc. We have the experience you need.

Do You Have to Pay Child Support if You Have 50/50 Custody in Washington State?

Yes, Washington State law states that if you have 50/50 custody, each parent has a legal duty to child support. According to the child support law, with 50/50 shared custody, the judge will order more income to the vital parent to pay support instead of the parent with a lower income.

Child Support Enforcement And Adjustment

It is unfortunate, but many people fail to follow the terms of their child support order. We have represented clients pursuing enforcement actions, contempt actions and other litigation for back child support, as well as defending against such actions.

Parents often fail to adjust child support as required in their order or under the current child support laws. As a result, they overpay or underpay child support. Child support adjustments may be made every few years, with new worksheets and new orders being created.

Our state's child support laws were designed to provide for more than the basic level of child support. For example, our Washington child support attorneys represent clients in cases involving long-distance transportation, extracurricular activities, private education, extraordinary medical expenses and post-secondary educational expenses such as college.

Understanding Child Support Modifications

Life circumstances can change, and sometimes the child support arrangement that was initially established may no longer be suitable. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to modify your child support agreement, it is important to understand the process and how it can affect you and your children.

Here are some key points to consider when seeking child support modification:

  • Change in income: If there has been a significant change in either parent's income, such as job loss or promotion, it may warrant a modification in child support.
  • Change in custody: If there has been a change in the custody arrangement, such as one parent gaining more or less time with the child, it can impact the child support amount.
  • Change in expenses: If there has been a substantial increase or decrease in the child's expenses, such as medical bills or educational costs, it may be necessary to modify the child support agreement.
  • Proving a substantial change: In order to request a modification, you will need to provide evidence of a significant change in circumstances that justifies the modification.

At O'Brian & Associates, our experienced Redmond child support lawyers can guide you through the process of child support modification. We understand the complexities of Washington state laws and will work diligently to protect your rights and ensure a fair outcome for you and your children.

Should You Hire A Lawyer For Child Support Modification?

There are several reasons the amount can deviate which our Washington child support attorneys can discuss with you in detail. A Motion for Temporary Orders can be filed to provide the court with the information it needs to set up a Temporary Child Support Order. The law offices of O’Brian & Associates can assist you during any modifications necessary to accommodate life's ups and downs.

If you need to establish a support order or enforce a support order, contact an experienced Washington child support lawyer at O'Brian & Associates. Call [[INVALID_TOKEN]] or complete the form online.

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