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Custody cases in Washington are quite unique from other places in the country. Terms such as "joint custody" and "sole custody" are not used to address the custodial situation of a minor child. At Alpine Family Law, our child custody lawyers in Redmond can help you understand the legal jargon and the process that is used in parenting cases across the state.

What Type of Lawyer Handles Child Custody?

The type of lawyer that handles child custody also practices various areas of family law that are related to one another. Qualified family law attorneys are very knowledgeable in representing clients with many needs. For instance, you can be going through a divorce may also be dealing with child custody, adoption, parenting plans, and child support issues.

We invite you to give us a call today to arrange a consultation with an experienced Redmond child custody attorney about your specific situation. We serve clients on the Eastside and throughout the Seattle area from our office in Redmond, Washington. 

Creating a Stable and Supportive Environment for Your Child

At Alpine Family Law, we understand that child custody cases are emotionally challenging and require careful consideration of the child's best interests. Our experienced child custody lawyers in Redmond, WA are dedicated to helping you create a stable and supportive environment for your child.

When determining child custody arrangements, the court takes into account various factors, including:

  • The child's age, needs, and preferences (if they are old enough to express them)
  • The physical and mental health of both parents
  • The ability of each parent to provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • The existing relationship between the child and each parent
  • The willingness of each parent to encourage a positive relationship with the other parent

Our compassionate lawyers will work closely with you to understand your unique situation and help you navigate the complexities of child custody laws in Washington state. We will advocate for your rights and strive to achieve a custody arrangement that promotes the well-being and happiness of your child.

By choosing Alpine Family Law, you can rest assured that your child's best interests will be at the forefront of our legal strategy. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing a brighter future for your child.

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Can Child Custody Be Settled Out of Court in Washington?

The easiest way to determine child custody is to come to an agreement, or a "parenting plan," outside of the courtroom. Once the terms of the agreement have been drafted, the court must approve it in order for it to take effect. A judge’s primary concern in approving the agreement will be whether it meets the child’s best interests. Our Redmond child custody lawyers will work with you to ensure that the agreement is reasonable and fair to all parties involved, which will then make the approval process as smooth as possible.

Does Washington State Favor Mothers in Custody?

Custody defaults to the mother in Washington State when two unmarried parents have children. However, if the father establishes a paternity test, his legal rights as a parent will hold equal significance in family court.

What Goes Into A Parenting Plan?

The parental caregivers of a child are both considered residential parents. Although the situation may be similar to joint custody, in Washington state that concept relates primarily to joint decision making regarding the child rather than physical custody. Also, "custody" has given way to the more favorable term "parenting" and the establishment of a "parenting plan."

A parenting plan schedule details certain factors in the upbringing of a child and governs issues such as the amount of time spent residing with each parent and at what time of the week/month/year that residency is to take place.

Modifications of visitation and parenting plans require a substantial change of circumstances. However, if the residential parent wishes to move, this would involve a separate relocation action.

Our firm also handles third-party custody matters, such as grandparents who have been caring for or have temporary care of a child. We assist clients in solidifying the arrangements in order to preserve the best interests of the child. Our Redmond child custody attorneys can also help you understand the various state and federal laws that apply to non-parents.

At What Age Can a Child Decide Custody in Washington State?

In Washington State, usually 12 years old, a judge will allow a child's preference weight-in. Although there is no specific age the court listens to a child when it comes to a custodial preference, older children's opinions matter more than younger children's.

Divorce and Child Custody

Parents need to be aware that child custody issues can have a profound impact on children of any age and that they should try to make the transition as smooth as possible. Though parents may no longer feel that they should be married to each other, they should keep in mind that their relationship with each other after the divorce can still greatly affect their children. 

The following tips can help make your custody arrangement easier for your children:

  • Avoid making negative remarks about the other parent in front of the children. This can cause them to feel confused about how they should feel about their parents. They may begin to favor one over the other or feel a skewed sense of loyalty.
  • Be careful not to treat your children as burdens when pick-up and drop-off times must be coordinated with the other parent.
  • Be flexible - children can often pick up on their parents' moods, and if they seem frustrated with the other parent or about a situation involving the children, the children could misconstrue the situation as being their fault.

Handling child custody issues can be difficult for parents and children alike, and remembering that fact could help parents keep their negative reactions in check. However, some custody issues can go above and beyond simply having the right attitude, and legal steps may need to be taken for some issues between parents to be settled. In cases such as this, an attorney could help parents determine how to create the best situation for their children.

Do You Really Need A Lawyer For Child Custody?

As each parent-child relationship is unique, there is no definitive timeframe when it comes to resolving family law matters. During a time when parents are anxious and want answers as soon as possible, arranging a meeting with a child custody lawyer is a responsible first step.

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