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If a Washington state divorce does not proceed amiably, one party may do whatever they can to make the process more difficult for the other party. These actions could be considered dragging their feet to draw out the proceedings or to make issues of child custody more difficult. In cases like this, the idea of co-parenting is likely out of the question.

Co-parenting is the idea that both parents will still be able to have an equal role in their children's lives, even working together in certain instances. Unfortunately, some parties are not equipped to continue working with their ex-spouse on a stringent level. If an individual encounters this type of situation, the parents may wish to take action to ensure the best outcomes for their children.

A good step to take is to discuss the situation with the children. Help them to understand why the situation of co-parenting will not work and how certain actions will be carried out to ensure that the situation does not negatively affect the children. Sometimes, children are more adaptable than their parents realize, and they may be able to more easily adapt to their parents having two different parenting styles as opposed to having to navigate the disputes between conflicting parents attempting to co-parent.

As with all child custody cases, the children should be the main focus. If parents are unable to work together, the decisions made should be ones that will benefit the children the most. If a parent is worried about the outcome of custody proceedings, they may wish to prepare themselves by learning more about Washington laws on child custody.