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Examining a relationship closely can reveal a great deal about what the solution to a problem may be. In some cases, simply discussing the issues and coming to a compromise can make a great deal of difference for Washington couples. In other cases, the issues may be too great to overcome and divorce is the reasonable option. However, it is important to remember to first assess the situation.

When a couple is faced with a great deal of stress, it may appear that their issues may never be resolved. This situation does not have to remain this way, and if the time is taken to address the stress and emotional turmoil of certain aspects of a relationship, solutions may be found more easily than expected. When the energy is focused more on the specific issue at hand, such as financial difficulties, as opposed to the emotions attached to the issues, a marriage could potentially be salvageable.

It is also important that each individual examine their role in the relationship and subsequent issues closely. Blaming the other partner may feel right, but in many situations, both parties have contributed to the difficulties. By examining each role, the individuals can learn how to better the situation themselves.

Examination and assessment can be vital before filing for divorce. Once these actions have been taken and a clearer view of the circumstances can be seen, the decision of whether to move forward with divorce may be made more easily. If the result does point to a separation, information on applicable laws and procedures concerning divorce in Washington could allow the concerned parties to look toward the legal proceedings to come.