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Do you need legal protection from a family member who has assaulted you or threatened violence? Or have you been kicked out of your home and cut off from your children by an unfair and unjustified court order?

The family law attorneys of O'Brian & Associates have represented clients on both sides of these sensitive and serious matters:

  • We advocate for victims of domestic violence who are seeking orders of protection for themselves and their children and perhaps trying to move on from an abusive relationship.
  • We also represent individuals who are fighting a restraining order or protection order that is based on false allegations, often amidst divorce or custody proceedings.

Our attorneys practice in the family courts of King County and Snohomish County. Schedule a consultation now at (425) 276-7677.

Domestic Violence Orders For Protection And Restraining Orders

Domestic violence can refer to physical assault, sexual assault, verbal abuse, threatening behavior and psychological abuse by a spouse, dating partner, family member or other member of the household.

If you have experienced abuse or fear that the person will become violent, you can go to court to obtain a temporary domestic violence protection order (DVPO). This occurs in an ex parte hearing. An order for protection will generally trigger removal of the alleged abuser from the home, and possibly jail if there is evidence of assault or a terroristic threat. Typically the person will not be allowed to contact the alleged victim in any manner (in person or by phone, email, text or third party). The OFP may also prevent the person from having contact with his/her children, or only supervised visitation.

Within 14 days, a hearing will be held on the status of the temporary order. Our lawyers will help you present your case for continuing the order for protection, amending it or rescinding it.

  • If the court determines there is insufficient evidence for a permanent order for protection, there may be other recourses under Washington law:
  • A no-contact order with criminal penalties if violated
  • A restraining order that protects joint accounts and assets
  • A civil anti-harassment order

Protect Your Rights And Long-Term Interests

It is important to contact legal counsel as soon as possible to assert your rights and voice your concerns in court. Our experienced and compassionate legal team is committed to vigorous representation.

Our attorneys offer a confidential consultation. You can call us at (425) 276-7677 or contact us online.

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