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The affects that divorce can have on a family, especially Washington children, can depend heavily on the way the situation is handled. If the separation is filled with arguments and stress, the family may come out of the process feeling tense and uncertain as to what the future may hold. However, if a divorce is handled in an amicable manner, it can be an opportunity for parents and children alike to learn from the situation.

Children may be able to learn from their parents' mistakes and recognize the warning signs that a marriage may not be meant to last. If they are able to spot such situations early, it could save them from settling down with the wrong person or a situation that may not last long term. They could also recognize the signs and have an earlier attempt at remedying the situation before the issues escalate and divorce becomes the reasonable choice.

Children may also be able to see that marriage is not always going to be easy. Compromise, trust and communication are significant aspects of relationships, and children of divorced parents could see what can happen to a relationship if these aspects are not given priority. Circumstances are not always going to be perfect, and they may have to work hard to make a relationship work.

What is also important is for parents to possibly not put divorce in a negative light. Separation may be the most beneficial option in a situation where the relationship is no longer working, and if parents are able to go through the process amicably and let the children know they are still loved, children may be able to see that they are still a family even if their parents are no longer married. In order to possibly have a less tense separation process, knowledge on Washington state laws concerning divorce, child custody and other related issues could possibly help toward a smoother process.