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Child support continues to be an ongoing battle and issue for parents across the nation. Washington parents have probably read about a recent story involving a U.S. Representative and his ex-wife. They were back in court to resolve issues over the last few child support payments for their youngest child.

In 2011, his ex-wife was asking for an alleged $100,000 in child support, but that was settled for an unreported amount. Even so, it became a target for his campaign opponent. He lost the November election. It is the Representative's position that his ex-wife still receives 20 percent of his paycheck for child support each month.

Clearly not all child support cases receive this much public attention. It is an important issue for all parties involved though. The payment is ordered for a child's daily needs. When a parent makes the choice not to pay, no matter what the reason, the child can suffer. Sometimes a child in a single parent home and is living on a single income which can leave that parent struggling to pay for rent, clothing, and other basic necessities.

Any Washington parent that is involved in a child support case could greatly benefit from knowing their rights under the state law. It can be beneficial to take a proactive approach so that the appropriate paperwork is in place immediately. Should a delinquent situation arise, the appropriate documentation is in place to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. There are plenty of resources available to make sure a child receives what they are entitled to so they don't have to suffer due to a parent not taking responsibility.