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Children are often thought to be the most important aspect of a parent's life. When parents divorce and must go through child custody hearings, they want to ensure that the situation is being considered in the best interests of the children involved. Parents may often rely heavily on court systems to make the best decision regarding custody, and it is important for those making the decision to have adequate information on the situation.

Unfortunately for one Washington county, information on custody cases may become less readily available. Due to budget cuts, the court system has had to do away with their child custody investigator. According to reports, the courts will still hold hearings concerning such cases, but they will no longer conduct their own investigations into the situations.

The number of investigators had already been reduced as 30 years ago there were three investigators, and in recent years, there had only been one. As a result of the total elimination, courts and families must work with Guardian Ad Litems, or guardians appointed by the court, during investigations. While the cuts may help reduce the amount of spending, it may come at the cost of having less information about custody cases that could help determine the best interests of the children involved.

These cuts may cause concern for parents who may be going through child custody proceedings. Understanding what to expect when entering the process could play a significant role in how parents approach their custody situations. Washington parents who could be affected may wish to learn more about the changing court proceedings, laws and how their children and themselves could be affected.