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Washington state fans of basketball may have heard about the recent custody issues surrounding the Pacers All-Star, Paul George. The mother of a young child asserts that George is the father, and, depending on the outcome of a scientific paternity test, they may both sue for sole custody of the infant.

The mother has already filed for sole child custody, citing George's demanding travel schedule as part of a professional basketball team as being detrimental to the child. George has sought additional testing to buttress the findings of the prenatal paternity test, but he has already issued statements to the effect that, if the second and more rigorous test reveals him to be the father, then he plans to "embrace" the opportunity and seek sole custody of the infant as well.

Much of the dispute over custody comes down to money. For example, in the petition for sole custody, George asserts that the mother of the child has no means of support, lives with her family, holds no job and has not been seeking one. The representation of the woman, a New York resident, asserts that the child is only a few months old and that there is no reason to expect the mother to be working a full-time job right now.

Washington law states that the best interests of the child are the paramount concern. A similar case in Washington would involve weighing carefully the circumstances and abilities of both the parents and the individual needs of the child before deciding how to award custody. The assistance of an attorney can be beneficial when framing a custody case, and the attorney would be able to represent their clients in any negotiations or court appearances.