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It might be the perfect home for King County couples. The house can come apart at the same time your marriage and heart break into pieces. Designed by a Dutch engineering firm, the floating home that can divide into separate units is cheekily called "prenuptial housing."

The firm is apparently in discussions with possible partners in China, the UK, Germany and the U.S. to sell homes built on the design.

It is worth noting that the two housing units can be rejoined together in the event of reconciliation.

It is possible that the novel house could solve one of the contentious points in dispute in divorce: property division. For many people, their marital home is the biggest, most expensive purchase they make.

Of course, property division is difficult in many divorces, but the question of how to divide real estate is simply one of the issues couples must deal with in high-asset divorces. In those cases, there are often business holdings, investments, retirement savings and other matters to resolve before a property division agreement can be reached.

A King County family law firm experienced in complex asset division can help you address tax implications of divorce, and also assist you with a fair business valuation. At O'Brian & Associates, our skilled attorneys also understand the importance and value of professional practices in divorce.

We help clients protect their rights and interests in all family law matters, including divorce, child custody disputes, child support, parenting agreements, spousal support and post-decree modifications.