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Washington readers may be familiar with a former child television star of a popular 1990s series who recently announced that she is planning to divorce her husband of nine years. The star, Mayim Bialik, appeared in the show 'Blossom' for four years. In addition, she had roles on such television shows as 'Webster' and 'Facts of Life' before landing the starring role in her own show. She now appears in the series 'Big Bang Theory." It is not known if her long career played a role in her decision to divorce.

Bialik authored a book last year about attachment parenting. The book caused controversy with its assertions about breast-feeding and child-rearing. The star has reported that this type of parenting did not lead to the couple's decision to end their marriage.

Bialik and her husband have two young children. From statements recently released, it appears that the couple intends to share custody of the kids. The star reported that they are working to create two individual loving homes for their sons.

Like all in Washington parents who are going through a divorce, the soon-to-be divorced spouses must work to agree on how to divide their lives. This can include discussions regarding with which parent and where the children will live after their parents separate. In all such cases, if parents are unable to agree to terms for child custody during a divorce, the court may be asked to make a determination. In such instances the court will seek to determine what is in the best interests of a child as it attempts to reach a decision.