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Child custody matters can be contentious in Washington and across the nation. Each parent wishes to secure a child custody arrangement that they feel is in the best interests of their children. In many cases, it is left to the court to decide with whom a child will live after a divorce.

In some child custody situations in Washington, it is not the parents who are fighting each other but one parent working to regain custody of the children that they have lost. This is what has happened in one recent case that may be of interest to readers in Washington. In that case, the father of three young boys is fighting to get the kids back and to take them home to live with him.

The father was deported from our country after officials learned that he had violated several traffic laws. After he left the country, the mother of his children lost custody of them for reasons that are unclear. The children were placed in foster care, where they still remain. The father has petitioned to have child custody returned to him. In addition, the foster family is taking steps to try to adopt the young boys.

The court will be asked to make the decision as to where the kids in this case will live. As is the case in every child custody matter, all evidence will be reviewed before the decision is made. This review will take into account the living conditions offered by the father and the foster family, among other considerations. To facilitate the decision by the court, both sides will present a full case to the court in an attempt to persuade it that they should have child custody of the children.