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There has been an increase in recent years of women making higher salaries than their spouses. This has come as a result of economic conditions such as the economic recession. In areas such as Seattle, the increase could be due to the large number of companies hiring professional workers of both genders. However, when a couple files for divorce, the higher wages could change the outcome of a divorce negotiation.

When a couple files for divorce in Seattle and elsewhere in Washington, they often make their first step a negotiation. This discussion is intended to attempt to agree on some of the most important aspects of the divorce. These issues can include child support, child custody and spousal maintenance.

Each of these family issues requires a review of the financial life of the divorcing couple. This review will include the incomes and assets of both spouses. In most cases, it is the spouse who has the highest income that pays spousal maintenance in a divorce.

Authorities report that there has been a large increase in the number of women graduating from professional schools such as medical and law school. Additionally, the same officials note that they have seen an increase in the number of divorces where a wife has been the one who was ordered by the court to pay for support. This increase, they note, seems to parallel the number of women increasing in the workforce.

The divorce rate has remained fairly constant over the past few years in our country. It remains within the range of 46 percent to 53 percent of all marriages ending in dissolution. This fact in combination with the changing face of the workforce may continue to increase the number of women paying in a divorce.