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The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers reports that nearly half of all divorce matters involve some use of electronic evidence -- at least that is what they reported for pending matrimonial matters occurring five years ago, and presumably the figures have increased since then. When spouses decide to file for a divorce, they are many times angry and suspicious of the other spouse. This anger can lead to a desire to find out what the other person is doing, particularly in so far as it may impact pending negotiations or litigation.

Officials have reported that the use of electronics has increased in matters like divorce and child custody. Whereas in prior years those seeking a divorce in Washington could hire a private investigator to check on their soon-to-be ex-spouse, now they can do it themselves. Using software, miniature cameras and recording devices, a person can easily spy on their mate, though one should be mindful of privacy laws in the state where the spying in intended to take place. The devices used by some to spy on their spouses can cost as little as $200 to $300 on the Internet.

Recently a man reported that he found a recording device sewn into the jeans of his young son. The device was apparently implanted by his ex-wife, and the man has filed a lawsuit against her. She apparently wanted to hear conversations that were occurring in front of the child.

As a couple goes through a divorce in Washington, emotions can run high. When they do, it can be tempting for some to engage in spying. However, many officials assert that it may be best to avoid engaging in such activity. This is due to the potential for obtaining non-admissible evidence and for potentially subjecting oneself to invasion of privacy claims that could result in the award of monetary damages. Before deciding to purchase and use such devices, a person seeking a divorce may do well to review all applicable laws in their jurisdiction while reflecting on the relative worth of the information to be gained.