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Prenuptial agreements have been around for many years, as many folks in Washington know. However, at least one report notes that the number of couples using these planning tools is increasing. In addition, the same report notes that the terms of prenuptial agreements are evolving from the more traditional financial issues covered in the past and are becoming the subject of more divorce cases.

In fact, readers in Washington may be interested to learn, some couples are now agreeing to terms in their prenuptial agreements such as weight control and the amount of sex required in a relationship. The terms that can be negotiated are varied and may be different for every couple. However, such agreements may be difficult to enforce in a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement is intended to be a document that can be used should a couple divorce. The agreements contained in such documents are required to be fair and there are specific rules regarding the validity of the agreement. However, when the terms of a prenuptial agreement are violated, it can be as if a contract is broken.

When a couple with a prenuptial agreement in place decides to end their marriage in divorce, the terms of the contract can become very important. Whether the terms include only financial agreements or other, less traditional terms have been put in place, if the contract is determined to be valid, then contractual laws will apply. This can affect the amount of financial settlement that a spouse can receive after a divorce, and may also be used in the divorce process if the terms in the agreement are relevant to the divorce case.