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Washington parents typically want the best for their children, and as a result, custody disputes can arise when parents go through divorce. Even after proceedings have ended, child custody issues can still plague parents. Some parents may feel they were better suited to take care of their children but did not receive custody. Custody agreements, however, are legally binding, and if a parent tries to take custody or violate the agreements in any way, they can face serious legal consequences.

A custody situation in Washington has caused authorities to seek the help of the public as a mother, who does not have custody of her daughter, has reportedly taken the child and fled. Purportedly, the woman and the child’s father are having custody disputes, though the father presumably has legal custody of the child. Reports indicate that the mother took the child to keep her away from her father, but the mother is facing serious consequences as she is violating legal custody terms.

As of now, there is a warrant out for the arrest of the mother for felony interference of child custody. There is also apparently a restraining order in place against the mother to keep her way from the child. There were no specific details on why the mother did not receive custody of the child or as to why there is an apparent need for a restraining order.

Situations involving child custody are very serious, as the best interest of the child or children involved is of the utmost importance. As this situation demonstrates, parents who violate custody terms can be faced with severe penalties for obstructing legal agreements. If a parent feels that child custody arrangements need to be revisited, going through a court system may be a better alternative. Seeking information on child custody laws in Washington could benefit parents who wish to pursue modifications.