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As many Washington residents know, child support can often cause tension between divorced parents for a number of reasons. Some could be concerned that the payments are not being used for the designated purpose, payment amount could be an issue or a parent may not be making the payments at all. It may seem unlikely for parents with significant income, such as professional athletes or celebrities, to not make child support payments, but issues concerning non-payment do arise among those with the apparent means to make their payments.

Allen Iverson of NBA fame is currently at the center of a child support dispute as his ex-wife is seeking over one million dollars in advanced payments. According to reports, the former basketball player should be making payments of $8,000 a month to his ex-wife in order to support their five children. Though the agreement was made through the court in January of this year, Iverson failed to make any payments until June when his ex-wife took him to court for back child support.

The mother of the children asked a judge more recently in August to order her ex-husband to pay over $1.2 million in advanced child support, which would cover payments until their youngest child turned 18. According to reports, she wants the money put into a trust fund for her children. As of yet, there has not been a definite ruling made by the court.

Though this case is dealing with large sums of money, there are parents across all income levels who must deal with issues concerning child support. Lack of support payments is a very serious issue that could lead to jail time for the parent who is responsible for making the payments. There are several issues that could cause a parent not to make payments, but the consequences can still be serious if steps are not taken to manage the payments. Information on Washington child support laws could benefit both parents who should be receiving payments as well as those who should be making payments.