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When going through a divorce, many people, including those in Washington, cannot wait for the proceedings to be over and the decisions to be made. They might believe that once agreements are met they will not have to deal with certain issues any more. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Complications regarding alimony or child support payments can present themselves long after divorce proceedings have ended. These difficulties can create much stress, but early preparation as a precursory measure can help lessen the stress.

When children are involved in divorce proceedings, the agreements dealing with child custody and support can become complicated. Once the agreements are settled upon, there is the risk that the noncustodial parent could fall behind on making payments that the custodial parent depends upon. A precaution that the custodial parent could take would be to set aside some of the payment received in order to create a fund in case an issue arises where payments are late or the other parent stops paying. This reserve can help tide a family over until the late payment is received.

If late payments are a recurring issue and the time between payments becomes greater and greater, simply saving money may not be enough of a precaution. Some late payments are not worth making a large issue out of, but if payments are over a month late, then referencing the legal agreements made in court may be necessary. If the agreements are still not being followed, then court action may be needed to ensure that the payments come on time through actions such as direct bank account access.

Child support and alimony payments can be lifelines for struggling single parents. Keeping up with payment schedules and what terms were agreed upon in the divorce proceedings can help ensure that obligations are met. Noncustodial parents may be able to request changes to their payments if circumstances arise where their income may have significantly changed. Looking into Washington child support laws could be beneficial to anyone who may be facing complications.