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No one typically goes into a marriage thinking that divorce is likely in their future. Most Washington residents get married because they have found someone they care about and feel they are compatible with. However, many couples find after marriage that they may not have known their partner as well as they thought they had. Small quirks and habits can emerge that bother the other partner, and while the majority of these habits can be tolerated, some could lead to one partner filing for divorce.

Money issues are typically the main stressor when it comes to marriage. One spouse may feel that a purchase is warranted and the other may feel that it is not, or they are unable to discuss income and spending because it always turns into an argument. Being unable to communicate about such an important aspect of a household can cause tense situations to prevail and possibly even end a marriage.

Another big issue that married couples find over the years is that time together -- whether it is too much or too little -- can take an emotional toll. Some partners may feel that their spouse never spends time with them and that they must do everything on their own. Other partners may feel that they spend too much time with their spouse and that they do not have enough time to be their own person. Both of these situations can create negative emotions that can lead to serious marital issues if they are not addressed.

Though divorce typically is not on a newlywed's mind, divorces are a common occurrence. Many people believe that they have found their soul mate only to see that they are not as compatible as they once thought. In situations such as this, divorce is sometimes the best option, and couples seeking separation could find information on Washington divorce laws beneficial as they take up that discussion.