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There are many financial considerations for a person in Washington as they begin the divorce process. These include the gathering of information that can help as the negotiations for property division and spousal maintenance begin. This, a recent report says, is just one reason why it may benefit an individual to wait to ask their spouse for a divorce until after the new year begins.

In January, a person in Washington can expect to have received the end-of-year statements from all of the accounts held by both spouses. These statements can provide valuable information that can help a person to create a full financial picture of the marital assets. This can help a person enter into the negotiations surrounding a divorce in a more-informed position.

In addition to the time it takes a person to complete a full financial review, it may benefit an individual to consider taking their time before announcing an intention to divorce. This may ease the transition for the spouse who is being asked to end their marriage, particularly if the announcement is made after the holiday season. Such timing can limit the possibility that a spouse will react to the request to end the marriage with emotional spending that is so easy to do during the holiday season.

Deciding to end a marriage in divorce is a difficult decision for many in Washington. Added to that decision is the choice of timing for the announcement to a soon-to-be ex-spouse. Before asking a spouse to end the marriage, it may do well for many in our state to review all financial information as well as applicable rules to better prepare themselves for the divorce process.