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When a person is faced with hurt feelings, they can sometimes think that if the other person causing the pain is hurt too, then the first person may feel better or that the second person will stop hurting them. As Washington residents know, these spiteful types of ideas can often lead to a vicious cycle of two people causing each other emotional pain. When this cycle occurs during a divorce, the process can become very drawn out and complicated. By maintaining a level of cooperation and goodwill, family law proceedings can be carried out much more easily and have better long-term results.

One woman describes how her divorce process was able to be completed without the stereotypical sprite-and-revenge attitude that is often associated with divorcing couples. She recounts that though there were times where feelings of moving on from either party were difficult to deal with, she was able to maintain a level head and keep her emotions under control. Her spouse was also able to do the same, and the woman feels that the entire ordeal was better for all parties involved, including their daughter.

Though the divorce was an emotional roller coaster with new and uncertain areas to navigate, the separating couple was able to remain amiable toward one another. She even acknowledges that a neighbor was surprised to find out that the couple was divorcing as they had remained so cordial toward one another. Now, many years later, they are able to attend functions for their daughter with no ill-will being directed at anyone, and their daughter is apparently having a healthy relationship with each other her parents.

Maintaining proper attitudes and controlling feelings can lead to a smoother divorce. However, though this situation would be ideal, each situation is unique, and some divorces can take unfortunate turns. These turns can be lessened -- if not entirely avoided -- with the proper knowledge of Washington family law procedures. Being prepared with the information of what can be expected when going through a divorce can be a beneficial first step toward making a divorce less stressful and as easy-going as possible.