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Lashing out when going through divorce can be the first response of many Washington residents. It may seem like being miserable is how a person is supposed to feel when their marriage is coming to an end. If the relationship was not healthy or both parties were not happy, however, then divorce could be a beneficial step for both partners. Though one party may be more upset than the other, making sure an ex-spouse is just as unhappy out of their marriage as they may have been during the marriage is not conducive to the necessary healing process after a divorce.

Instead of deciding that everyone should know an ex's bad habits, focusing on personal improvement would be a more beneficial route to take. By putting the energy toward learning more about oneself as an individual rather than a partner, a person can greatly improve their outlook on life and of oneself. Instead of using that time to attempt to make others dislike an ex-husband or-- wife or checking to see if he or she has added new friends on social media, learning a new hobby or activity can bring a renewed sense of self-worth.

There is also the possibility that mutual friends were made during a marriage. It is important to remember that even though they are not personally going through the divorce, they may be unsure as to how to act around those who are going through the divorce. By refraining from bad-mouthing an ex around mutual friends, much discomfort can be avoided for everyone involved.

While keeping a positive attitude is the best route to take, those going through a divorce know that maintaining that outlook can be difficult. Negative and depressing emotions can creep in and cloud otherwise good judgment. Focusing on understanding how the divorce process will work and what actions will need to be taken can help an individual feel more in control of the situation. By having knowledge of Washington divorce laws and proceedings, less time can be spent worrying about the process, and more time can be spent finding the positive opportunities that can arise from the situation.