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During the divorce process each party has many issues to deal with. Determining how much child support and alimony should be paid as well as which pieces of property belong to who can lead to stress and tension. Though some people, including those in Washington, believe that the stress will end once the divorce process is over, there are some cases where these issues continue to arise even after the divorce is finalized.

Alimony one is issue than can continue to come up between divorced couples, and it has recently been the focus of much debate as reform bills are being considered in many states. Many people who are ordered to pay alimony believe that they should not be required to make permanent payments, or payments for the rest of their lives. Those arguing for this point believe that people who were only married for short periods of time do not have a right to their former spouse's money, especially if they are bringing in their own income.

Not everyone, however, sees ending alimony as a bright spot in divorce reform. While there are some ex-wives who are able to go to work and provide for themselves, there are others who are stay-at-home moms and are unable to work or only able to hold down part-time positions. These types of parents rely heavily on alimony payments to support themselves. While ending alimony payments may seem beneficial to some, there are others who would definitely argue that it would be detrimental for many.

Divorce is rarely an easy issue for anyone involved, even if the marriage ends mutually. The process can have harrowing effects on anyone dealing with the situation, and what can begin as amicable can turn the opposite direction quickly. Arguments over how much alimony, who is entitled to alimony, and other such complications can arise. Being knowledgeable about the divorce process and laws in Washington can be a helpful tool for anyone dealing with a divorce situation.