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Washington parents often have protective instincts when it comes to the well-being of their children. In cases in which parents decide to separate, knowledge on how to protect children from the possible emotional struggles that stem from child custody issues may elude parents. Fortunately, there are simple ways that parents can attempt to ease the transition for their children after a separation.

Creating a way for children to communicate how they are feeling is very important. Whether the flow of discussion is from child to parent or vice versa or if a therapist is needed in order for children to gain unbiased responses, open discussion could prove beneficial. Children need to be able to express their emotions and also be aware that it was not their fault that their parents' marriage did not continue.

Parents could also benefit their children by attempting to remain amiable toward each other throughout the separation process. Long, drawn out processes can take a toll not only on the spouses but on the children as well who are watching their parents struggle through the situation. Avoiding fighting in front of children and refraining from using children to gain information on the activities of a former spouse could also alleviate some of the stress that children may feel.

Divorce and child custody issues can take their toll on all members of a family. Having the proper information on how to handle certain situations could help lessen the likelihood of the processes going more negatively than necessary. As each situation comes with various circumstances, information on Washington state laws that are relevant to a party's situation could shed helpful light on a possibly gloomy topic.