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As the holidays approach, many Washington families are probably discussing their plans for special dinners and other events. This time of year is often a bustling time for shopping and deciding travel plans. For those who are divorced, ensuring that child custody arrangements are upheld during the holidays and that children do not feel torn between one parent or the other could also be an important task.

Children can often feel like they bear the burden of making their parents happy, especially during the holidays. If they must spend time with each parent separately, they may also feel saddened that their family is not entirely together to share the holiday. Parents could help their children by being aware that their kids may be facing some difficult emotions during the holidays and reassuring them that expressing their feelings is acceptable.

Parents may also help their children by creating new traditions that can take place during the holiday season. These actions could express to their children that even though the situation is different, it does not have to be less enjoyable simply because the parents are no longer together. Explaining the schedule of when children will be with which parent could also help them grasp a better understanding of the situation.

Child custody issues can be difficult for parents to navigate, especially during the holidays. Many parents want to spend time with their sons and daughters during this time, and specific schedules and agreements may need to be made concerning holidays. In these situation, information on Washington state custody laws and procedures on creating agreements could prove beneficial.