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To some Washington residents, making preparations before a wedding in the event that a divorce could later take place may seem like a bad omen. However, having legal documents already drawn up concerning property division and other possible future proceedings could save much time and stress if the situation does present itself. As divorce has become a fairly common event and as the economy improves, taking such precautions has actually gained in popularity.

Prenuptial agreements are often made before marriage in order to have potential legal situations already decided upon. Studies have indicated that in the last few years, those with knowledge of drawing up such agreements have seen an increase in the number of these documents being requested. They have also seen an increase in the number of women who are the ones to initiate such agreement discussions and requests.

Being entitled to their fair share is the hope of many parties who could potentially go through a divorce. As such, creating legal agreements beforehand could possibly quell significant disagreements when it comes to how property and other assets are divided. As property is now holding better value due to the economic upturn, more individuals want to ensure that they do not feel taken advantage of when it comes to determining who is entitled to what assets.

Prenuptial agreements are legally binding documents, and should a couple find their marriage taking a negative turn, such a document could make for an easier divorce process. Property division is often a difficult proceeding for many people to go through and can lead to significant stress and tension. Couples wishing to possibly avoid such stress may wish to consider creating an agreement, and information on Washington laws dealing with such documents could pay dividends.