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Washington couples who are nearing separation can face difficulties as the processes go on. Understanding that a marriage is ending -- whether mutually or not -- can lead to many individuals having to reassess their situation in life. Divorce can bring about many topics that some people may not have felt the need to previously consider, and facing those topics may prove to be a hardship.

Recent studies have found that men often have a more difficult time after divorce than women. Not only do the difficulties stem from emotional challenges, but research has indicated that divorced men are more likely to have health issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure than married men. On the side of their mental health, their risk of committing suicide is also 39 percent higher than those men who are married.

One man gave his account of how he felt like he was losing part of his identity due to the separation. Someone who is fully invested in their relationship may not know how to proceed once they are not half of a couple any longer. Getting involved in activities and personal interests could help a person feel more at ease with himself after a divorce.

Divorce can be difficult for anyone, and understanding the situation can make a great deal of difference in how an individual handles the circumstances. Discussing the situation with those directly involved as well as understanding Washington state laws dealing with divorce proceedings can make for a smoother process. Having a smoother transition could reduce the stress of the situation and potentially have a less negative effect on emotions and health.