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When a Washington state couple decides to divorce, many issues can begin running through their minds. One of the major concerns is, of course, child custody. Parents may begin to fear how their children will be affected and if the custody agreements will have a negative impact on their relationship with their children. These concerns are valid in such situations, but it is important for them to understand that they can still create a meaningful bond with their children even after divorce.

One of the most important ways to bond with children is to spend time with them. This may become more of an obstacle after divorce due to visitation and custody agreements, but even a shortened amount of time spent with children can be well spent. Participating in activities that parents and children alike enjoy could lead a strong bond despite the time being limited.

Encouraging and showing affection toward children can also have a positive impact on a relationship. By expressing love and other uplifting feelings to a child, that child can more fully know that their parent still cares about them even after the parents have separated. It is important to remember that such simple actions can have considerable impacts.

In any child custody situation, the best interests of any children involved should be the top priority. This may mean that one parent may have to compromise on the situation more than the other, but it does not mean that their relationship with their children has to be negatively affected. Concerned parents entering into child custody proceedings may wish to look into Washington state laws to learn more about what could take place as the situation moves forward.