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When it comes to divorce, divvying up property can be stressful and sometimes complicated. Depending on the types of property involved, Washington residents may need assistance in determining who may be entitled to what during the property division process. Because not all property and assets are physical, it is important that parties understand how certain assets should be handled.

Some couples may have investments in stocks that need to be considered when going through the divorce processes. Employees are sometimes offered stock options from their company, and these assets can be under scrutiny during property division. As a result, it is important for spouses to be aware whether the other spouse has such assets. This type of property could potentially be easy to hide, and therefore, it is important to ensure that information is properly disclosed.

The next step is to determine what stock options and restricted stocks might be worth. This can prove to be a difficult endeavor as many individuals are aware that stock values can fluctuate. Some of these company-granted options may not be fully in effect at the time of the divorce as well, which could lead to further complications.

Because property division can turn into an arduous task, it is important for parties to understand the situation as best as they can. In order to do so, many Washington residents may wish to learn more about state laws concerning property division. This type of knowledge could allow them to better assess their situation and determine whether they might wish to have certain property evaluated by an outside party.