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Some of the words that come to mind when thinking of divorce are: expense, child support, alimony and attorney. What doesn't usually come to mind is the concept of cooperation, yet that is the very idea behind collaborative law. Although it is a relatively new approach, collaborative law provides spouses with an alternative to traditional litigation, and may prove to be in the best interest of everyone involved.

Many times, couples going through divorce acquire a ridiculous amount of debt, just battling each other over trivial issues. The long process and repeated hearings can destroy any hope of having a civil relationship with an ex spouse after the divorce, and can place added stress on already struggling children. With collaborative law the approach is one of understanding, teamwork and cooperation. By focusing on communication between parties as the main way to problem solve, collaborative divorces can be finalized without ever stepping inside a courtroom.

Collaborative law attorneys are expected to represent their client's best interest, but are also expected to encourage resolution. For some divorce attorneys, simply following their client's emotionally fueled wishes can become an expensive and endless task.

By avoiding a long litigation process, couples taking a collaborative law approach may save time, money and the emotional toll that traditional divorces take on family members. Couples that are open to cooperating with each other during divorce may benefit from this approach. Although this type of divorce may not be for everyone, a collaborative law attorney can help decide if it is right for you. With their help, you may be able to resolve issues, come to an agreement and finalize your divorce, faster, on better terms and with less expense.