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No matter who you are or where you came from, it is likely you agree, hurting the ones you love is not a smart decision, and now there's new information that may prove it. A recent study done by a psychology research lab at Northwestern University shows domestic violence offenders may be considered the less intelligent of all violent offenders.

According to the study which looked specifically at domestic offenders that resulted in deaths, individuals that act out violently toward domestic partners, rather than strangers, are found to be less intelligent, have poorer attention, and have greater issue with executive functioning. Although these characteristics were found across the board of all violent offenders, they were considerably worse in domestic offenders. Some of the more telling results showed that, among domestic violators, 80 percent had suffered head trauma in the past, and 78 percent had a history of lifetime drug use.

In cases of domestic homicide, the murderers were more likely suffer from some type of psychological disorder and less likely to have previous felony convictions. Likewise, they were also less likely to be diagnosed with an anti-social personality. The results of this study suggest that men who hurt or murdered their female partners, whether girlfriend or wife, are distinctly different among other violators. They show some, but not all characteristics of violent individuals, but what characteristics they do share are demonstrably worse.

Although domestic violence is considered a public health issue that is completely preventable, many individuals find themselves victims of domestic assault for extended periods of time. For these individuals, help is out there. There are resources available to get and keep them safe. With the help of law enforcement and a skilled attorney, immediate steps can be taken to begin living an abuse free life.