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You have probably heard the expression “penny-wise and pound-foolish” before. It means that sometimes, in an effort to save money, we actually wind up spending more than we intend.

Being budget-conscious is smart, but some things are too important to try to cut corners on. Getting divorced is one of those things. Concerned about legal fees, many people turn to “do-it-yourself divorce” packages they find on the internet. The businesses that sell these services promise big financial savings, but getting divorced without an attorney’s assistance can lead to serious mistakes.

Divorce is a legal process, with a great deal of money at stake, not to mention custody of children. DIY divorce companies, which often operate outside of Washington, cannot provide state-specific legal guidance and assistance. Family law is mostly state-level, which is why you need a Washington divorce attorney to handle a Washington divorce.

Other ways a DIY divorce can deprive you of your legal rights:

  • Failure to list all marital assets
  • Failure to divide assets equitably
  • Failure to provide adequate information to set up a good parenting plan
  • Failure to set spousal or child support payments
  • Errors that make the divorce agreement unenforceable under the law

For people looking to minimize costs during divorce, unbundled legal services might be a good option. This allows you to pay only for the work that your attorney does on your behalf, while still enjoying the benefits of his or her legal knowledge and experience advocating for clients. Not every firm offers unbundled services, so speak to an attorney for more information.