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5 Factors That May Indicate You Are Ready for A Divorce


When our clients come to see us they have many concerns. Many are concerned about facing an unfamiliar, and intimidating, legal process. Others are worried about the emotional fallout from ending an intimate relationship. Others are nervous about the impact of a divorce on the emotional wellbeing of their children. While our clients concerns vary widely, the simple fact remains that if a relationship has deteriorated beyond repair, it is likely better to face your fears than endure a failing relationship. Here are five factors that may indicate you are ready for a divorce.

Trust- Healthy relationships require equal partners who trust one another. If a spouse can no longer be trusted to make responsible financial decisions, work together to raise children, or assist with the other major areas of life, it may be an indication the relationship is flawed. Trusting a spouse financially is especially important in Washington as this is a community property state. This means if one spouse takes on substantial credit card debt, runs up a large gambling debt, or makes other unwise financial decisions, the remaining spouse may be responsible for those debts.

Infidelity- When a spouse is unfaithful it often feels like a very personal attack. Infidelity can leave the faithful spouse feeling betrayed and confused while leaving deep emotional scars that can linger for years. Washington law does not assign blame for a couple’s divorce—meaning a judge is unlikely to punish a spouse for being unfaithful— but infidelity remains a leading cause of divorce.

High Level of Conflict- It is common for spouses to have small arguments, however, when a couple maintains a high level of conflict for a prolonged period of time, it may be an indication their relationship is suffering from deeper problems. Maintaining a high level of conflict is emotionally and psychologically exhausting for the spouses and can be detrimental for any children involved.

Domestic Violence- Sometimes the level of conflict in a relationship escalates to the point where one spouse becomes physically violent. Domestic violence is never acceptable. If you are the victim of domestic violence you should strongly consider immediately having your spouse removed from your shared residence and pursuing a divorce.

Addiction- Addictions can be dangerous because they can change a person slowly over time and quietly erode the foundations of a strong marriage. Addictions are also dangerous because some people can be very successful at hiding, or at least masking, their addiction. If a spouse’s addiction leads to other high-risk behaviors, such as theft or drug use, the danger to a successful marriage is only amplified.

If your marriage is affected by one or more of these factors, call O’Brian & Associates today to speak with our team of experienced and dedicated attorneys. O’Brian & Associates has been proudly serving the great Western Washington, including Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah, Redmond, and Everett, since 1986. We have the knowledge and experience you need in your corner.