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Does Everyone Have a Divorce Deal Breaker?


For couples in Washington state and across the United States, the decision to file for divorce is not an easy one and is made hastily. The choice is often brought on by highly detrimental actions on the part of a spouse or a continuous pattern of behavior that leads a spouse to a breaking point.

Recently the divorce of a celebrity couple hit the news, prompting the discussion of what causes people to divorce. This catalyst, which is sometimes referred to as a 'deal breaker' in a relationship, is different for every individual.

After seven relatively long years together, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal are divorcing. It seems the deal-breaker for Klum was her husband's out-of-control temper, which affected her and their four young children. Although the couple seemed to hold strong compared to other Hollywood marriages, the recent news shows a different side of their weddings. In the public eye, the couple was very affectionate toward each other, often held parties, and were known for renewing their wedding vows every year.

According to a well-known psychoanalyst, every person has their deal-breakers, as was in this relationship. She says men's top deal breakers are overly independent women, inflexible women, and those who don't care about their appearance. On the other end of the table, women see cheap men, men without a plan, and cheating and lying as deal-breakers.

The decision to file for divorce is often a difficult and personal one and usually affects the couple and many of them. Therefore, making the right decisions during divorce proceedings is crucial to a positive future.