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Famous Seattle-Born Musician Is Getting Divorced


It seems like marriage dissolution is the new Hollywood trend. Katy Perry, Kobe Bryant, and Heidi Klum are just some of the many celebrities who recently headline the news. Of course, no one wants to go through the divorce process; however, recently, a well-known Seattle-born musician is ending his marriage.

A recent article reports that Kenny G, the celebrated easy-listening saxophone player, is getting a divorce. His wife of 20 years, Lyndie Benson-Gorelick's wife, recently filed papers with Los Angeles County Superior Court. She cites irreconcilable differences.
Kenny G's net worth is somewhere around a reported $50 million.

This means that the splitting couple will inevitably have to discuss serious financial matters. As a result, each party has hired legal assistance. Kenny G retained a lawyer who has experience handling celebrity divorces.

Divorce can be a very exhausting process. First, one must deal with various financial and legal questions. How will I support myself? What are my rights and obligations?

Furthermore, divorce can also complicate matters involving children. For example, many divorces involve custody and visitation disputes over the kids. Because Kenny G and Lyndie have two sons, the couple will have to make separation decisions that influence their children.

The recent celebrity stories draw attention to some of the complications involved in the dissolution of marriage. Kenny G and his wife will undoubtedly have to handle serious topics, including spousal support, division of property, and child visitation matters.

If you are confronting a recent divorce or separation, perhaps you want to speak to an attorney about your legal and financial options.