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Younger Couples Have Harder Time After Divorce


While divorce can often have a positive outcome with some sense of relief for all those involved, the process itself can be undoubtedly stressful for couples in Seattle or anywhere in the country. With divorce being more prevalent among younger generations, it would seem that younger couples would be able to handle the stress of splitting easier than their older counterparts. Still, a recent study has shown quite the contrary.

The study comes out of Michigan State University from a researcher who reviewed the self-reported health data of more than 1,200 people over a period of 15 years. She found that for younger divorcing couples, health issues are more likely in later life than for older divorcing couples. However, she said she was surprised by the findings because of the prevalence of divorce among younger generations.

Although the findings were surprising for the researcher, she said older generations often have more experience coping with stress. She also pointed out that those who divorce later in life are often in unhappy marriages longer, and there is a greater sense of relief when the split finalizes.

The divorce process can be complex, especially when complicated child custody and child support decisions. It can also be more stressful when intricate asset division is involved. However, it is crucial to reach a fair and equitable agreement that serves the best interests of everyone involved during the process.

In some cases, a resolution can be made amicably and result in a more hopeful future for the couple.