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Deciding how to divide the assets collected in a marriage can be one of the most difficult issues facing those who are going through a divorce in Seattle. In cases where the value of the assets is very large, there can be even more tension as the couple works toward separation. Such tension was expected to exist in the celebrity divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, though reports indicate the opposite to be true.

Though at first everyone expected the couple in this divorce to battle over the large fortune of movie star Tom Cruise, a settlement was quickly reached. Reports indicate that his occurred because Holmes decided not to battle for a large share of the actors $250 million estate. Instead, she was granted the ability to retain all gifts given to her by Cruise during their marriage.

Though in some cases retaining the gifts of a marriage may have little monetary value, in this case it is estimated that the value of the jewelry and luxury goods received during the marriage is in the millions of dollars. This, combined with the career of Holmes that is also worth large sums, may have been enough to make it less appealing to Holmes to enter lengthy legal battles. Holmes is expected to return to acting on Broadway and on screen in coming months, revitalizing her career.

Like some marriages in Seattle, the parties in this case appear to have wished to have the process completed quickly. To reach this goal, they entered into negotiations soon after the papers were filed with the court, and did not get embroiled in a bitter dispute. Though acting quickly is not the best course of action in every case, for some, acting quickly may help to reduce the stress associated with a divorce. Often, when couples can work together amicably to settle issues that arise in divorce, the proceedings can be successfully completed in a much timelier fashion.