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For many people who decide to end their marriage in Washington, the decision to seek a divorce is wrought with challenges. However, in many cases, those who end their marriage in divorce are better off than those who decide to remain married. For the many people who do choose to divorce every year in our state, many may find that their new life is healthier and happier overall.

This may be especially true for a person who has felt that they have been stifled either professionally or personally during their marriage. After a divorce is final, this type of person may feel free for the first time in a long time. This freedom may open up opportunities and allow a newly divorced person to gain a higher level of success than they previously thought possible. Divorce may be a positive time for individuals to reflect on their goals and dreams.

In addition to the freedom felt by many who have gone through a divorce in Washington, there may also be health benefits. This comes from a reduction of the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is thought to increase the chance for a heart attack and other illnesses if it is at high levels in a person's body.

One of the primary challenges to divorcing couples with kids is how the divorce will affect their relationship. Some believe that parent-child relationships may be strengthened after divorce because the parent and child get undivided, undistributed time together. The key to a successful relationship with children is commitment, accessibility, and teamwork.

Despite the fact that the decision to divorce from one's spouse is a difficult one for many, there are often benefits to ending a marriage. In order for Washington couples to experience the best outcome possible for their individual new lives, they may find it beneficial to work together during the divorce process. No divorce is without its challenges; however, for couples who know that they are ready to face the end of the marriage chapter in their lives, the positive qualities of divorce may far outweigh the negative.