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The issues that must be negotiated between spouses as they end their marriage in Washington are many. In fact, many soon-to-be former spouses in our state enter into negotiations to divide their accumulated assets during the process. These family law efforts are often successful, though in some cases, the spouses are unable to agree.

The family law negotiations can be complicated by the issues that led the couple to seek a divorce in the first place. Commonly, many marriages end because of problems with financial concerns or extramarital relationships. For those for whom monetary issues led to the end of a marriage, some say a divorce could have been predicted before the marriage even took place. However, it is unclear if the issues could have been avoided once the marriage occurred since many couples are blind to financial issues in the throes of love.

Though the reasons for a divorce are not essential in family law matters in Washington, the emotional scars made in a marriage can affect the negotiations for its dissolution. This can lead some to be reticent to agree to terms for such issues as spousal maintenance and property division. Sometimes, this reluctance can limit the chance for a negotiated settlement as a divorce continues.

To ensure a fair division of property during the divorce negotiations, people may find it helpful to review all of the applicable statutes and procedures for family law in our state. In addition, a complete understanding of the financial status of the parties is important before beginning the negotiations. This information can combine to ensure that a comprehensive and fair agreement as the parties prepare for their new lives to come.