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Anyone that has been through a divorce knows property division is an important issue. A Washington woman knows just how tough as she is going through a divorce with her husband of almost 20 years. Even though she ended up with title to the marital home through property division negotiations, problems linger with her ex over access to the home.

While the two teenage kids, dad stops by the house each week to take one or both out to eat. Sometimes, mom is not home, and the father has apparently felt entitled to help himself throughout the house he once shared with mom. Understandably, she feels this is an invasion of her privacy since he no longer lives there and she does not do the same at his residence.

Part of the problem is that the mother is not always home when the father shows up. A situation such as this can be stressful for the kids when they are put in the middle. They are apparently uncomfortable with their father just walking around and one told their mother what has been going on.

The mother might gain by scheduling a legal consultation with a Washington attorney to resolve the situation. Changing the locks on the house may help get the point across to the father. She could also benefit from knowing her rights, and it may make sense for her counsel to send a letter to opposing counsel to address the issue directly. Even though property division issues may be resolved, it may take some effort to ensure that both parties understand the letter and intent of the agreement they have made. Sometimes, the best way to accomplish this is through an objective third party.