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Washington readers know that it can be difficult for any couple to decide to end their marriage. In many cases, spouses seek to make their divorce as amicable as possible, which may help when it comes to negotiating a settlement. This may be the intent of a celebrity couple that has announced their decision to divorce.

Reports indicate that actress Ashley Judd and her race car driver husband, Dario Franchitti, have decided to end their marriage. The couple has been married for 11 years. The announcement came as the husband prepares to begin the new race season in March.

Judd is famed for her roles in television and movies. Her soon-to-be former husband is a past Indianapolis 500 winner. The pair does not have children as a result of this marriage. However, they may have large assets that will be the center of negotiations as they seek to divide the marital property obtained during their marriage. It is unclear if any prenuptial agreements exist in this case.

Both Judd and Franchitti have expressed a desire to remain close despite their breakup. This desire for amicability may assist the spouses as they divide their marital property. Likewise, Washington couples who part on good terms may wish to pursue collaborative divorce as a way to avoid a day in court, which can save time, stress and money. However, any couple who is unable to agree to terms for a divorce settlement using this option may find that the court must step in and make the final decisions.