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Washington residents benefit from having no state income tax to consider each year during tax season. However, we do have to be aware of the federal tax laws. For those residents involved in divorce proceedings, there may be tax questions to answer as the process moves forward.

According to one recent report, the amount of personal income taxes owed after a divorce may be less than if the couple in question stayed married. This is because of recent changes to the federal tax laws that may benefit single filers more than their married counterparts. In particular, the tax benefits apply to those with higher incomes, as is the case for many in our state.

For example, the new healthcare laws that become effective this year may require that married couples making over $250,000 pay a tax for the program. However, those filing as a single person have a much higher exemption amount that could help avoid the new tax. In addition, there are other exemptions that apply for a single person more beneficially than for a married couple.

Tax status is not a common reason for people in Washington to consider divorce. However, if a marriage has come to a point where it must end due to life changes, job losses or a host of other reasons, it may be a benefit that was unplanned for some. To understand how the laws apply to a certain situation, it may do well for a couple to seek to review all applicable tax rules as they work through their divorce and begin their newly single life.