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People in Washington and across the nation know that, for many couples, divorce is a difficult decision that can lead to a sometimes-emotionally charged process. However, one recent study from another country says that people there find that it is too easy for some to divorce. At least one official has suggested that there are many reasons why some could feel that the divorce process is easy for some.

Some say that, in the past, divorce was more difficult to obtain due to issues such as fewer women in the workforce. With financial dependency on a husband commonplace, women traditionally found that they could not divorce their spouse and hope to maintain the same standard of living. Now, women are have greater financial independence and are often better equipped to take care of themselves financially. Thus, they are no longer 'trapped' in a difficult marriage.

Some Washington divorces may appear easier because a prenuptial agreement exists. These agreements are much more common today. The types of written contracts are made prior to a marriage and typically provide for the details of property division should the couple decide to divorce. This can make the process much simpler.

Regardless of why a couple decides to divorce, there are issues for them to decide. When documents such as a prenuptial agreement exist, some of the negotiations are easier. However, when no such agreement exists and a couple cannot agree, a court may be asked to decide the issues involved in ending a marriage in our state.