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When it comes to moving from one place to another, much of the time Washington children have little say in the matter. However, the best interests for the children become a significant concern when the parents are divorced and one parent wants to relocate. When this type of situation comes about, child custody issues may come along with it, and a court decision may be needed to order to determine whether the move should take place.

When the possibility of their children being moved farther away becomes a concern, parents may wish to take immediate action. Examining the situation and how it may affect the children and custody issues is of the utmost importance. Because custody agreements are legally binding, the decision to move can become a much more complicated one.

The reason for the parent's wish to move can also play a considerable role in whether the move is considered beneficial. Though it may not be required to provide a reason for relocation, if it is suspected that the move is only taking place in order to hinder a noncustodial parent's visitation rights then the situation can become more complicated. If a parent has exhibited behaviors of wishing to interfere with custody in the past, the court may also take those into consideration.

Relocating with children does not have to have malicious reasoning behind it, but it can still hinder child custody agreements. If a move seems imminent, a custody modification may be necessary to ensure that both parents are still legally complying. Because child relocation issues and how they are handled can vary, information on Washington state laws may provide reliable and beneficial information for concerned parents.