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When it comes to divorce and its subsequent issues, celebrity cases can often draw the attention of many media sources. Even years after the separation has taken place, problems concerning child custody can spark a renewed interest in the situation. Though high-profile cases can differ from those of the average Washington state residents, custody cases in the news can provide learning opportunities for concerned parents.

As many individuals may be aware, Jon and Kate Gosselin are divorced parents of eight children. The family was formerly the subject of a reality television show that chronicled the daily happenings of the large family. The couple divorced in 2009, and the show has since ended. However, the issues of child custody are still on the mind of Jon Gosselin.

The father is looking to sue his ex-wife for primary custody of his 9-year-old sextuplets as he appears concerned for their welfare. He believes the children "live in fear" of his ex-wife. Though he is uncertain as to what the outcome of such litigation could be, he believes he has to at least attempt to gain custody. At this time, Jon is attempting to gather enough money to cover legal fees.

Whether the concern is over several children or one, parents often want their children to be in the best situation. If a Washington state parent believes that their children are not being well cared for or are facing emotional turmoil due to their living situations, seeking child custody modifications may be an actions that they wish to learn more about. As laws concerning child custody can vary from location to location, utilizing local resources to learn more about laws in a party's area could be beneficial.