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After a Washington couple gets engaged, it may seem like there is little time to enjoy the occasion before important decisions must be made. Those decisions can range from where to have the wedding to how to handle property division in case of a divorce. While wedding planning can be an enjoyable experience, it is important to take care of legal matters such as prenuptial agreements as well.

When approaching the topic of a prenuptial agreement, the subject should be broached well before the wedding takes place. Having time to consider the possible outcomes of such an agreement could help ensure that the document is laid out in the best terms possible for the individuals involved. If the topic is brought up too closely to the wedding date, the situation could seem to put a damper on the typically festive excitement.

The parties involved should also attempt to think ahead to the changes that their marriage could later face. If a couple has children, the lives of those individuals are greatly changed, and the prenuptial agreement may need to reflect the possibility of one parent leaving employment in order to stay home with children. If these potential circumstances are not addressed, one party could be left in a disagreeable situation should the couple later decide to divorce.

When creating prenuptial agreements and other documents, it is important to understand how a particular state handles property division. Therefore, Washington residents may wish to learn more about our divorce laws and applicable procedures regarding prenuptial agreements before getting married. Being more informed on the topic could allow them to make the best decisions for their situations.