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As a person grows older, they may believe that they have many of life's major decisions figured out. However, if an older Washington resident decides that their marriage is no longer working, they may face some difficulties in the separation process. Divorce in later years may still feel necessary, but it can also come with potentially more significant life changes than with younger couples.

If an older couple has been together for the majority of their adult lives, they may not know what to expect once they are no longer together. The emotional upheaval may have a greater impact on an older individual as more of one's life has been put into the relationship than in younger couples. They may also face considerable stress when determining how to create separate living situations and learning how expensive it may be.

In some cases, one party in the relationship may have been a stay-at-home spouse who took care of household duties. These circumstances could lead to significant issues of being uncertain as to how they are going to afford their new living situation if they have never had a job or have not had one in a considerable number of years. The uncertainty of how to handle the divorce as well as the after effects can be daunting.

For seniors who are considering divorce, it is important to remember that uncertainty does not have to last. By gathering information on Washington state divorce laws, individuals may be able to learn more about their situation and how to go through the proceedings. With less uncertainty, a party could see with circumstances with less stress and have a clearer view on what steps to take.