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When a couple faces divorce, the situation can have a ripple effect on the aspects of life it affects. Where a person lives, how their income is spent and how often they get to see their children are just a few aspects that are significantly changed. Circumstances involving child support and custody are often among the biggest issues that need to be dealt with, and in many cases, Washington fathers can feel that their situation is unfair.

Knowing that they will not be able to see their children as often can come as an emotional blow for fathers who do not receive custody of their children. The situation can become even more detrimental when they learn that their support payments can cause a significant dent in their income level. The unfairness of the situation may be felt when fathers are paying considerable sums to care for their children but are unable to be more directly involved.

Some fathers may take a more proactive approach and attempt to become more involved in their children's lives. This type of action may cause a stir as mothers may feel that such changes could be disruptive to lifestyles, but parental rights for both parents should be taken into account. If support and custody situations are revisited, modifications may be made.

Washington state fathers looking for changes in child support will likely wish to be prepared for the upcoming situation. Therefore, utilizing reliable resources that could provide proper legal information for their circumstances could be a prudent step. If parents disagree on the situation, litigation may come about, and both parties may wish to understand how to best handle their side.