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If a Washington couple is married for a considerable number of years, they may believe that they will never have to face divorce. However, it is becoming increasingly more common for older couples to dissolve their marriage. It is important to realize that divorce can affect couples of any age who have been married for any amount of time.

A 55-year-old man recently gave his account of wanting a divorce after being married for 34 years. He stated that after their children became adults, he and his now ex-wife simply did not have enough things in common to sustain their marriage any longer. Though it was his decision to initiate the divorce, he does not deny the fact that ending the decades-long union was painful.

This man is not alone in his decision to divorce later in life. Recent studies have found that the likelihood of individuals over the age of 50 has become increasingly more common. It was mentioned that one out of every four individuals seeking a divorce is over the age of 50, whereas that number used to be one in 10.

No matter what the age, divorce can be emotionally draining. The proceedings can be long and difficult if both parties are not certain as to what they wish the outcomes of the process to be. Therefore, it is important that individuals are prepared when they enter the divorce process. Information on Washington state laws that are applicable to a couple's situation could lead to a better understanding of their circumstances.